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Don't gamble on your property investment choices

It’s a sad reality that many property investors never become rich because they don’t take control of their investments. But without a proven plan for property investing, you’ll drastically reduce your wealth creation.

When you rely on the wait and pray method you’re essentially leaving your wealth to fate and you make rookie mistakes like…

Betting on the market to grow without influencing the outcome

Sell your property too early, only to see its value skyrocket a few years later

Take the price presented, rather than negotiating, and be limited in your leverage

Don’t be one of these people – take action, manufacture deals, create opportunities and transform your financial future.

Learn and Install our 5-step property blueprint to grow your wealth

Step 1

Secure artificial equity:

Our strategic approach enables you to leverage artificial equity, unlocking the potential to accelerate your wealth creation.

Step 2

Unlock passive income:

We help you identify opportunities that generate passive income, allowing you to create sustainable wealth streams that work for you.

Step 3

Access off-market deals:

Our extensive network of developers and industry professionals allows us to present you with off-market opportunities, ensuring you have access to exclusive deals and favourable terms.

Step 4

Access premium properties:

Our exclusive network and industry connections provide access to premium properties that never hit the open market. This grants you a distinct advantage in securing high-value assets.

Step 5

Data analysis:

Our meticulous analysis and market insights empower you to identify properties with significant potential for capital growth, amplifying your investment returns.

Our results speak for themselves


Lumo did all of the hard work, researching and analysing the market for me and the amount of information and data they provided was seriously eye-opening. When the construction was finished, I had an additional $220,00 in equity. Safe to say I was over the moon.

Hayden & Amber

From the initial administration team to the back end and those who managed and even managing our property now have been outstanding, I'd definitely recommend reaching out to them.


What impressed me the most about Lumo is their tailored approach. It didn't feel like some cookie cutter, one size fits all strategy, They took the time to understand my goals and incorporate them in my plan. If you're sitting there thinking you property dreams may be out of reach, I urge you to give Lumo Property a call.

Jack Egan

Lumo took me step by step through everything and made it very clear and very simple and took away the guess work.

Growing wealth from property investment can make a lot possible

Just follow the plan and imagine what a stress-free retirement with all the time and means to do what you want, when you want, would like!
Personal freedom:

After working so hard all your life, you deserve to live the way you want. Spend your time making memories with your family and friends instead of worrying about having to work for extra cash.

Treat yourself:

That car you always wanted? You can buy it. The mortgage on your mum’s house? Consider it paid. Investing in property gives you the means to treat not just yourself, but those you love.

Tax benefits:

Real estate investments offer several tax benefits, including the ability to deduct mortgage interest, property taxes, and other expenses from your taxable income.

Revealing the Winning Formula

How we made our client $114,500 before he paid a cent!

This scenario is an exact example of one of our recent clients Jack.
Part 1
of Jack's Strategy

Manufactured instant equity

Manufactured Instant Equity refers to the strategic approach employed by our team to generate equity within our clients' investment deals. We effectively engage with developers, sellers, and builders within our extensive network by leveraging our collective buying power and negotiating terms for multiple clients simultaneously.

This allows us to acquire real estate at significantly discounted prices, kickstarting the property's value with a turbocharged boost right from the start. In some cases, this approach has created instant equity of up to $100,000, providing our clients with a substantial financial advantage in their investments.

Land cost:$320,000Land cost:$295,000
Build cost:$305,000Build cost:$285,000
Retail total cost:$625,000Wholesale total cost:$590,000

Manufactured instant equity:
$45,000 from day one!
Part 2
of Jack's Strategy

Manufactured Profit

Manufactured Stage Profit is a strategic approach that capitalises on the incremental price increases observed in professional land developments. Often spearheaded by multi-billion dollar companies, these developments undergo a staged release of properties. With each new stage, the prices are driven higher and higher.

By astutely navigating this market dynamic, we position ourselves to capture the profit potential at each stage. As the demand for properties within the development grows and prices rise accordingly, we leverage our expertise and timing to secure properties at earlier stages. This enables us to benefit from the subsequent price appreciation as the development progresses. 


By creating the deal and utilising wholesale negotiation, we saved Jack $45,000 during the acquisition stage. Subsequently, seven additional stages were released over four months as the project progressed, resulting in an increased value of $69,000.

In total, Jack gained an impressive $114,000 in equity on the first day of the completed project. Our strategic approach yielded significant financial benefits, showcasing the effectiveness of our methods in generating tangible results.

Invest in a brighter future

We believe in providing you with a clear understanding of the property investment landscape. By diligently evaluating market trends, conducting thorough research and leveraging our extensive network, we identify the most promising investment opportunities tailored to your specific needs so you can build a prosperous future.

Here’s how to get started:


Book a discovery session


We'll listen to your needs and create a custom plan


Confidently build your wealth

Our client success stories

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Hayden and Amber

Through careful planning and following our strategic advice, Hayden and Amber achieved a level of freedom that allowed them to live life on their own terms.

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Frustrated with paying significant amounts of tax with a stagnant income, Jack came to us for guidance on how to make his hard-earned money work for him so he could build a secure financial future.

Play Video
Jonathan and Chloe

In their late 20s, Jonathan and Chloe understood the importance of making strategic decisions early on to lay the foundation for their financial future.

Play Video
Anthony and Larissa

Burdened by underperforming properties and ongoing maintenance costs that drained their resources, Anthony and Larissa came to us needing a partner who could illuminate their path to financial freedom.

Play Video
David and Marika

Reaching their 50s, David and Marika began to feel the weight of retirement concerns creeping in. In their pursuit of financial security, they approached us for help.

Unrivalled support for a smooth journey:

You’ll gain access to a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to your success.

Embrace Transparency:

We believe in transparent communication and providing you with a clear understanding of the investment process. You can trust that our recommendations are based on thorough research, expert analysis and have your best interests at heart.

We believe becoming wealthy through real estate requires a strategic and proactive approach, rather than relying solely on market forces

The power of negotiation:

Learn how successful property investors don’t just accept the price presented to them. We’ll show you how to leverage the collective buying power of a community to secure the best deals on land and building materials.

Instant equity creation:

Stop waiting for capital growth to create wealth. Our experts will teach you how to create instant equity in every deal, allowing you to build your portfolio and secure your financial future faster.

Eliminate the wait and pray approach:

Say goodbye to the outdated approach of buying property and waiting years for it to appreciate in value. We’ll show you how to take control of your investments and create wealth on your own terms.

Maximising your potential:

With our proven methods, you can maximise your potential and achieve financial freedom faster than you ever thought possible. Start building your own success story today and transform your financial future for the better.

How much will make you happy - You decide

As a successful property investor, I’ve always looked up to wealthy individuals who didn’t rely on market growth to create their wealth – they created the wealth themselves and invested it into property. The difference is that they were in control of their wealth, and that’s exactly what I want to teach you.

With my investment strategy, you get to decide when enough is enough.

Whether you want to create a $5 million property portfolio and retire comfortably or develop hundreds of millions of dollars worth of property as I have, the choice is yours. My recent project in Brisbane is a prime example of this. It comprises 24 luxury apartments with a total project value of over $100 million. I’ve created some of those to sell while retaining the commercial spaces to generate $150,000 per year in gross income.

The best part is that I use the exact same strategy that I'll teach you, just with a few more zeroes.

The possibilities are endless, and you have the power to control your destiny and outcomes. Don’t leave your wealth to chance – ask yourself, what would you need in your bank account to be happy? Whether it’s paying off your mortgage, having three investment properties to generate retirement income, or building a property portfolio like mine, you have the control to decide what makes you happy.

With my guidance, you can learn to create wealth and make money in property before paying a cent.

You can unlock the power of the masses to secure tens of thousands of dollars in equity and stop waiting for capital growth. The slow-burn approach is dead – it’s time to start making money today. My proven blueprint to successful real estate investing will provide you with the tools and knowledge to create instant equity in every deal and start building your own success story today.

And the best part, my clients are taking less risk than those playing the hold and pray approach!

We're on your side, every step of the way

At Lumo, we understand the challenges of property investments and empathise with the desire for a brighter financial future. With our proven track record and client-first approach, we stand as a trusted partner, walking beside you on the journey to your ultimate prosperity.

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