Ed and Sue-Ellen's story

$133,000 Profit in Just 5 Months!

Ed and Sue-Ellen success story with Lumo Property Investing is a shining example of how our blueprint can lead to significant financial gains and a secure investment portfolio. By following our tailored strategies, they were able to secure a property that instantly gained $91,000 in equity, setting them on the path to financial prosperity.

One of the key factors in their success was leveraging the collective power of six other clients. Through this collaboration, we negotiated a remarkable $21,000 in discounts on their property purchase, maximising their investment potential right from the start.

Not only did their property acquisition result in substantial equity growth, but it also generated a positive cash flow of $59 per week. This steady income stream has contributed to their overall financial stability and provided them with ongoing returns on their investment.

With a gross rental yield of 5.13%, Ed and Sue-Ellen's investment property showcases a strong return on investment. This solid performance not only enhances their financial standing but also reinforces their confidence in their property investment journey.

Since the completion of their property, its value has continued to rise, adding an additional $42,000 to their equity position.

This impressive capital growth further solidifies their investment success and positions them for even greater financial gains in the future.

Ed and Sue-Ellen have achieved an astounding total equity gain of $133,000, a testament to the effectiveness of our strategies and their commitment to their investment journey

We congratulate them on their remarkable results and look forward to continuing to support them on their path to financial success.

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