Overcoming limitations, building a brighter future: Katrina's Inspiring Journey

As a recently divorced single mother, Katrina faced unique challenges in her quest to build an investment portfolio and pay down her own debt on her principal place of residence. However, with our unwavering support and tailored strategies, she has made remarkable progress towards her financial goals.

We worked closely with Katrina to develop a customised strategy that aligned perfectly with her goals and financial situation. Recognising her limited borrowing capacity, we devised a plan that maximised her opportunities for wealth creation while managing her existing commitments.

Through our guidance, Katrina successfully secured an investment property with an impressive high yield of 7.2%.

This strategic move provided her with an additional $129 per week in cash flow. Boosting her overall financial stability and creating a solid foundation for future growth.

We advised Katrina to direct this extra cash flow towards paying down her principal place mortgage, enabling her to accelerate her debt reduction. By implementing this proven strategy along with other effective techniques, Katrina aims to pay off her existing mortgage in half the time, bringing her closer to financial freedom.

Since the completion of her investment property, Katrina has already experienced an equity uplift of $19,000.

This not only demonstrates the successful execution of her investment strategy but also strengthens her overall financial position, providing her with increased opportunities for future wealth creation.

Katrina's inspiring journey showcases the power of determination and the impact of sound financial guidance.

Her story is a testament to the fact that, even with limited borrowing capacity, it is possible to build a successful investment portfolio and accelerate debt reduction. We congratulate Katrina for her unwavering determination and commend her progress towards achieving her financial goals

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