Jonathan and Chloe

Getting It Right From The Start: Jonathan and Chloe's Success Story

In their late twenties, Jonathan and Chloe understood the importance of making strategic decisions early on to lay the foundation for their financial future.

They had already purchased their first home, building a modest amount of equity and saving a small deposit for future investments. Recognising the need for expert guidance, they engaged us to unlock the potential of their property portfolio.

At Lumo, we believe in long-term planning and strategy, so we tailored a comprehensive plan for Jonathan and Chloe, envisioning a future where they would own six investment properties by the time they reached the age of 40. Considering their initial starting amount, we had to explore affordable options that would serve as stepping stones to greater opportunities.

We understood the importance of finding opportunities that would align with Jonathan and Chloe’s budget while still providing growth potential. Though we forecasted a modest capital growth rate of 5%, we knew that this property might not be the strongest performer in terms of immediate returns. We openly communicated this to Jonathan and Chloe, emphasising the long-term benefits it would bring.

Incredibly, this property has surpassed our expectations, growing at an impressive rate of 7% per annum.

In just a short period, their investment property has accumulated a remarkable $50,000 in equity.

This property will act as a solid foundation, generating income to assist in paying off their mortgage and paving the way for future acquisitions. It represents the first stepping stone in their path to financial freedom and wealth accumulation.
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Jonathan and Chloe's story teaches us the power of starting right, of making strategic choices early on.

At Lumo, we are committed to guiding you on the path to financial prosperity. Let us help you shape a brighter future.

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